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Mind Power Technique: Use the power of self Hypnosis

Mind Power Technique: Use the power of self Hypnosis

self hypnosis 
aim of our life is to acquire all round progress. There is a therapy
which can help us in a great manner. This is called self hypnosis
therapy and it acts as a wonderful instrument to improve our life. By
using this therapy, we can get access to our subconscious mind and learn
to change our old thinking pattern into new one and at the same time,
we can enhance our memory.
we know that
our mind is a super computer and it generally works at two levels:
Conscious and Subconscious level. Our mind is like ‘Aladdin Ka Chiraag’
and the Jinn of this Chiraag is our Subconscious mind. What we can
perceive and believe, we can achieve. This can be made possible with the
help of self hypnosis process. First of all, the question arises; what
is self hypnosis? Most of the people take the meaning of hypnosis in a
negative manner. The hypnosis can be both positive and negative. Self
Hypnosis is nothing but a self positive instruction that we give to our
Subconscious mind. This is also called neural linguistic programming.
The instruction we send to CPU goes for execution. Similarly, our
Subconscious mind performs actions according to the instructions given
to it. These instructions must be positive. Auto suggestion can be like
this ‘I have strong Memory power’. This is the instruction that goes to
Subconscious Mind. Now, I have to believe that I have strong Memory
power. Our belief system will accept this instruction and act over it.
This is
nothing but the programming of our Subconscious mind. This therapy can
tremendously help us to face difficult situations. It should be
practiced every day at the time of breathing exercises. Life is full of
problems and miseries. We fail many times when we see impediments in our
way. To deal with these impediments, this therapy can prove extremely
helpful. This art is capable to enhance our abilities and strengths and
at the same time; remove fears, complexes and limitations.
This skill is
helpful in removing the unnecessary tension of exams and interviews as
it gives us self esteem and positive motivation by effacing stress and
anxiety. Even, we can annihilate our physical problems. It makes our
mind more creative. Self hypnosis works with all of us. For example, we
feel urge to yawn when we see someone yawning.
Therefore, it is truly said “what we can believe, we can achieve.”
Now, we shall
learn how to use this technique. First, we have to set our goal. For
achieving that specific goal, we have to write some positive auto
instructions. Say for example, this is an instruction, ‘I want to be
millionaire’. Auto instructions for this goal can be ‘I am becoming a
rich man day by day, ‘I am getting millions of rupees’. We don’t have
just to repeat these instructions, but we have to feel these
instructions. At the time of reciting these positive auto instructions,
we have to be in relaxed breathing process and must have positive mental
attitude also. The most important thing is 100% belief in the
instructions. We must try to eliminate our negative old beliefs with the
help of powerful positive instructions. Because all these negative
beliefs like ‘My Memory is weak, what can I do?’ can affect our self
image and memory power. For example, in our childhood our mother used to
say many a times ‘have milk or lion would come’. By reciting these
lines, we became conditioned with these negative old beliefs and the
impression of fear resided in our mind for a long time. Here is way to
plant new suggestions, which will eliminate our old beliefs.
We can follow a number of steps given below:

  1. Enter any
    pious place and imagine a white screen in front of you. Try to imagine
    your old instructions printed on the white screen.

  2. Now, in a relaxed state try to efface these old instructions from the white screen.

  3. After
    effacing complete screen, now we can write new positive instructions
    like ‘I am in a fearless state, I am becoming a successful man day by
    day, I am going to be popular in my country, I am earning millions day
    by day, I have a strong memory power’.

  4. Next, we have
    to visualize these instructions. For example, the instruction is ‘I am
    becoming grandiloquent speaker’, and then we are to visualize our self
    speaking in public with 100% confidence.
instruction we give to our subconscious mind, it automatically accepts
it. But, we are capable to plant new memories and transform our self
into a complete new person who is full of self confidence, energy and
wonderful memory. Our old beliefs and negative suggestions are the
biggest impediments in our life. There are ways to find out whether
these negative instructions exist or not. Even, we have methods to
eliminate these negative suggestions.
Here are the ways to find out:

  1. If one feels tense in a situation where we have to take decisions or writing a proposal.

  2. If one suspects that some negative energy is holding him back.

  3. Negative thoughts come at the time of study and memorizing.
If above
factors come into picture then we have to eliminate these negative
suggestions from mind by self hypnosis exercises. To change the
personality and the behavior, we have to change our old belief system.
These positive auto instructions are the keys to Success. They should
always be made in the present tense only. By self talk, we can change
our mental and emotional thinking.
Here are few ways to change negative feelings.

  1. Recall the most salubrious day of your life and try to bring the same joyful feelings of that particular day.

  2. You can go
    for the deep breathing exercises; take a deep breath, hold it for some
    time and slowly exhale it. At the same time you can go for the self
These actions
can change our mental state. These exercises require regular practice.
The more the practice, the more it becomes easier, In fact, the stage
comes when it comes automatically. As the part of practice, we can write
these instructions on a paper or can store on a tape. We can play the
tape during self hypnosis exercises. Some times, our left brain refuses
these auto instructions, as it also argues, how I can be rich by
reciting these statements, then, block the right nostril and take a deep
breath through left nostril. This process will activate our right brain
and all mental disturbances will be pacified.
As the saying
goes that if you repeat a lie often, it becomes truth. In the same way,
go on repeating auto instructions and the stage will come when our
behavior will be controlled by subconscious mind. Finally, you will get
the desired personality.
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Mind Power Technique: Use the power of visualization & meditation

Mind Power Technique: Use the power of visualization & meditation

visualize a lot of things in our life. But we never observe keenly the
objects we see. There is a great difference between seeing and
observing. It means that we have to bolster our observation power. The
strong observation power leads to strong memory power. We can not
remember anything if we haven’t observed it. It is our eyes that see,
but, it is the brain that interprets. For strong observation power, we
should look at the things with attention. Our observation depends on
practice and exercise which is must to strengthen our observation.
Often, it is found that we are not able to recall the color of our socks
or the brand of our shirt.
discoveries are the result of strong observation and concentration
power. Now, how to enhance observation and concentration power? There
are some guidelines to enhance these powers.
Sit calmly in
padmasna or sukhasanas and try to concentrate at any one point on the
wall or on the swastika or you can do it on another powerful
concentration yantra called as Shri Yantra which is discovery of our
ancient sages and the Poster of this Yantra is available on my website
When we will focus upon the point in the mid of Shri Yantra without
blinking our eyes, then our attention will go to different geometric
figures, thus enhancing the communication between left and right
hemisphere of the brain. This experiment we can do at any time. Even if
tears come, still you can continue. When you get tired, stop for
sometime and close your eyes. Then, again start the experiment. It also
improves eyesight.
The second experiment for strengthening your observation power:-
Take a piece
of paper and by memory, make a list of objects in one of the rooms-
table, chair, bed, pictures etc without looking in the room. Now, try to
observe the things that you left in the list and again repeat the same
process for other room also.
Now, think of
any person you know. Try to draw his picture on the paper and go in the
minutest details about his dress, countenance, every nicety, hair
style, ears, eyes etc. and try to find out what you missed when you meet
him next.
Look at the
shop window which has displayed its goods. Try to observe and make a
list in your memory of all the goods that you observe. Many people had
witnessed an apple falling on the ground. However, some observed keenly
and thought about it unlike others who did see but didn’t observe. The
true act of memory is the art of attention. Often, it is found that
majority of people use only two percent of their mind power. We should
concentrate our attention on any one point without letting any other
thought enter in our mind.
This act can be accomplished by doing Yoga and meditation.
Visualization and Meditation
are gifted with many sense organs but the most pivotal sense is the
sense of visualization. It is the most fecund process. This concept of
visualization is used when we want to use the faculty of memory.
Whatever we want to achieve can be achieved very easily, if we utilize
the concept of visualization. Further, if we link visualization with
breathing exercises then we can do miracles. It is a scientific process
that can program our subconscious mind and increase our imagination
power. Another term that is used in this chapter is meditation. It is
very influential method to free our mind from stress and worries.

      1. Now, we shall throw light upon the role of visualization and auto suggestions in achieving anything.


is the way to imagine the things that you desire to possess.
Visualization is the most pivotal art in life. When you imagine the
things you want to posses then you should have a lucid picture of those
desires in your imagination and with the help of this concept of
visualization, we can achieve them. It gives shape to our dreams and
changes them into reality. If we want to successfully accomplish any
work, then we should not try to hold our thoughts but should start
working upon it.
In fact, the only secret of successful work is to leave your thoughts behind and let your soul work on that.
First, you
have to decide what you want. And after deciding what you want, start
thinking about their results in your mind. For example, if you wish to
have a home; first you should know what kind of home you wish. Of
course, if you only desire of having any home, you would not get any
home, but the clear picture of your imaginations and thoughts give you
good results. And for that clear imagination first, you have to decide
what type of home you want and what is your budget? And then start
imagining that you are in your home watching your flat screen
television. And make the whole imagination explicit, as far as possible;
enter the house, sit down and imagine that you are living there, say,
“This house is mine.” And this whole process will give you positive
energy to turn your desires into reality. Repeat this process everyday
any time you feel like doing it until the house of your imagination
turns into reality. And have this same procedure for anything you
For more
understanding, just imagine that you are with me and I’m your cousin and
we are going for a movie right now. And we are leaving the home and
locking the door. And after locking the door, after walking for about 5
min we have reached bus stand and are waiting for the bus; bus arrives
and we are in the bus and just after 15 min, we reach the movie hall.
And we are taking 2 tickets for evening show. We sit in the balcony and
enjoy our movie with popcorns and cold drinks. And in the interval, we
are waiting for the movie to start. And movie gets started just after 10
min. After the movie, we are having our dinner in a restaurant and the
food is very delicious and we are enjoying our food; after taking dinner
we start walking towards our home which is just 5 min walking distance
from restaurant and on the way to home, we are discussing about India
and Pakistan cricket match which is to take place the next day, and we
make plan for that. We can see that our imagination has no end. Now, if
you have carefully imagined each step in the above picture, you will
understand what visualization means. You can make any mental picture
with the help of the power of visualization.


Some people
imagine everything that they want and some think that it is very
difficult to demonstrate unless they possess the power to visualize.
This is not the case. When a little number of your thoughts and soul
power is mixed, then your mind can create wonders. All the great
inventors just had strong imagination power and they created wonders for
the society.
It is
necessary to understand that we are dealing with a soul power that is
just like soil of the ground, which will produce the tree in accordance
to the seed we plant. It does not matter if we have never seen a plant
before like the one that is to be planted for us. Our imagination is the
seed and mind is the soil. We are always planting and harvesting some
ideas. What we need to do is to plant only that thought which we want to
harvest. This is not difficult to understand but very easy to imagine.
Just take care that you are always dealing with law of imagination and
this is the only way that can turn anything into reality. Don’t have any
doubt over this law. Otherwise, your imagination power will not work as
smoothly as it should. Be convinced and just observe its wonders.
Now, we can take some real examples of mind meditations.
Think of a
room and you are lying on a chair with your eyes closed. And you are
trying to be relaxed. Imagine, there is a door of another room and you
are entering that room through the door. Imagine that it is a very
beautiful room having colorful curtains. Just feel peaceful, calm and
relaxed. @ remember good days of your life, the day when you were happy.
Hear the beats of music you like. All these are the ways for
imagination which help to enhance the memory. Everyone can imagine what
they want to be in their life, if someone is weak in his studies, he can
imagine that they are becoming so intelligent day by day that no one
can beat them in any case. Just by giving your 100% to your dream or
desire you can do anything in your life. Sports people can imagine
themselves as famous athletes as they strive to improve their
performance. One can even use his imagination to improve health as some
believe that disease like cancer can also be annihilated.
And when
someone is feeling nervous or feeling down due to any personal problem,
he can use soul power to calm himself, and he can remember the time when
he was completely relaxed and lying on the beach side, and enjoying the
cool atmosphere with the waves splashing on. Take a few deep breaths
and just relax.
There are some meditations which can boost your self confidence and also increase your concentration.
How can we do ?
Lie straight
on the chair with feet touching the carpet and palms resting on the
thighs. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in the
natural way. You find that breathing will slow down and deepen slowly
and slowly.
sometimes open your eyes, take a few breaths and stretch the body but do
not get up before the normal consciousness returns. This practice of
breath counting meditation has several advantages. It will enhance your
self confidence and improve concentration power.
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Virender Mehta

Mind Power Technique: Use Success keys

Mind Power Technique: Use Success keys

success keys 
of all, I would like to define the most important term called Success.
Success has different definitions for different people. For some,
success is money and for some, success is fame. But, money and fame are
the physical and temporal things; these are perishable. Success is the
progressive realization of worthy goals. Success is a journey, not the
destination. The worthy goal of success is self awareness, which means
to recognize oneself. In other words, we can say that success is
equivalent to 99% failure. Success does not means the absence of
failures. We have to face many difficulties and impediments in achieving
success. There is a wall of failures between an individual and success.
These failures are fear of failure, future worries, insecurity,
negative people, relationship challenges, job challenges, financial
challenges and the feeling of unworthiness. The biggest impediment in
our way to success, that we may conclude, is the fear from “nine
Now, let us describe these nine ghosts.

  1. Negative Attitude

  2. Coward ness

  3. Anger

  4. Ego

  5. Shyness

  6. Jealousy (Negative)

  7. Tendency to Criticize

  8. Fatalistic Attitude

  9. Mental Weakness
Now, the most important question arises is, how to kill these ghosts?
To kill these nine ghosts, we have nine weapons in the arsenal of our brain. These weapons are as following:

  1. Positive Attitude

  2. Courage

  3. Love

  4. Egoless ness

  5. Open Mindedness

  6. Positive Jealousy

  7. Don’t Criticize

  8. Passion

  9. Smart Brain
The foundation of success is the positive attitude.
This is the most crucial factor for success. It affects our dreams and
goals. Let us understand the importance of attitude with the help of a
There was a man who used to sell balloons. He had
balloons of all colors; Yellow, Black, Red, Blue and Green. A boy came
and asked him, “Can you uplift the Green balloon”? The seller replied
with smile, “it is not the color of the balloon; it is what is inside
that makes it go up”.
The same thing applies to our life also. It is what
is inside that count. The difference between a topper and the average
student is not much in terms of knowledge but more in terms of mental
preparation and in terms of attitude. To achieve success, you must have a
burning desire.
Now, how can we build positive attitude?
We have to annihilate all negative thoughts from our
brain. We should always think positive and creative. We should program
our subconscious mind with positive auto instructions. Negative people
always grumble and criticize but, positive people always think for the
solution of the problems. They have propensity to encourage, inspire and
motivate others. Try to look at the sunny side of every thing. You
should always try to learn from the mistakes and concentrate on the
lofty goals. Try to feed your mind with positive thoughts. You can start
your day with something positive and creative. You can read Shrimad
Bhagvad Geeta and learn from the gospels of Vedas and Shastras. You
should try to be happy at every moment; this is the greatest devotion to
God. At last, we can say that attitude plays a very important role in
our life. It is the attitude which defines your altitude.
You should focus at achieving your goals. The most
important quality of the human beings is that they can dream. Take
always positive dreams with open eyes. Try to visualize your goals with
positive auto instructions. You must have vision and action towards your
goal. If you have full dedication, devotion and burning desire, then
nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.
Some body has rightly said “if you can perceive, your mind can believe it, only then you can achieve it”.
You must know your strengths and weaknesses. You have
to convert your weakness into strengths by giving direction, shape and
proper guidelines to your dreams and belief system.
Focus on our goals is very important. We can
understand it by a short story, when Dronacharya asked Arjuna what he
could see; he replied “I can only see the eye of the bird”. Dronacharya
said, “very good, then shoot,” and the arrow went straight and hit the
eye of the bird. We can learn a lot from this small story. Until and
unless we focus on our goals, we can not achieve them. We must have
capability to see how far we are from our goals. Let us see another
beautiful example.
“On June 4, 1962, Florence was about to become the
first woman to swim the Catalina Channel. She had already conquered the
English Channel. The entire country was watching. Florence fought the
dense fog. Florence was striving to reach the shore. Every time she
looked up, all she could see was the dense fog. Unable to see through
fog, she gave up. Florence was extremely disappointed when she found out
that she was only half a km away from the shore. She quit not because
she was scared but, because she could not see her goal. She said in her
public meeting “I am not making excuses, if only I had seen the land, I
could have made it.”
And one month later, she tried again and this time in
spite of bad weather, she not only crossed the Channel but also broke
her previous record.
What we can learn from this small story is that always keep your eyes on the goal so that you know how far you are from it.
If you have the three values you can achieve success
easily. These three values are patience, perseverance and time. You can
make your dream come true if you have strong will power, strong
determination. You can cross all obstacles and impediments if you have
the value of perseverance. The stumbling blocks will become the stepping
stones of your path. I believe that a man is not measured by how tall
he stands, but how many times he stood up when life made him buckle on
the ground. Sometimes, patience, perseverance and time are the simplest
ingredients to achieve success.
There are some great personalities who faced number
of failures in their lives but in spite of all the difficulties and
impediments, they achieved success. There was a child who didn’t know
how to read and write; he had one mental disease called dyslexia due to
which he was incapable to recognize alphabets and digits. The characters
would appear dancing in front of his eyes and would irritate him much.
The teachers threatened him to expel from the school. But, the little
boy faced them with gallantry. On one day, the same boy invented a
theory and the whole world was astonished at this miracle. That theory
was the theory of relativity and that little boy was the great Scientist
Albert Einestein.
Chances are there that you will be reading this book
in your room under the electric bulb. Well, you can thank Thomas Edison
for that. Do you know that Edison failed over 1000 times before
inventing the light bulb? In my opinion, Thomas Edison’s efforts would
come under the term “perseverance”. After Edison had invented and
produced the electric bulb, a reporter asked him how he felt to fail
over 999 times.
Edison replied, “I am glad I invented 999 ways for
not inventing the electric bulb”. After this point, Edison went on to
receive 1093 patents, more than any other person in U.S history.
Now, we can learn this success formula; it takes time, patience and persistence is the key to success.
Another great man and artist Picasso could not
understand the number 7 in mathematics. He would say that the number
seven is the opposite nose of his uncle. But today his paintings are
inspiration for any artist.
Your personality must be full of courage like Guru
Gobind Singh, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ram Tirth and our history is full
of such respectable names.
You can destroy your biggest enemy called anger with
the strongest weapon called love. But, positive anger is also required
some times. We should be egoless and open minded in our life, we should
get spiritual inspiration from great Saints. Jealousy is one of the
horrible ghosts in our life which can push us back from the path of
success. People spend most of their life in thinking how to pull the
legs of others; they are least concerned about their own upliftment.
Passion is one of the great qualities of your personality which can make
you achieve success. People fail not just because of lack of mental
potential, knowledge and strength but they fail due to lack of passion,
dedication, devotion and burning desire.
Today, in this competitive era, there is great need
of smart brain to get ahead of others. Due to lack of self restraint and
celibacy, we are destroying our personality, moral values, self
potential and the memory power. We must concentrate on self restrain
instead of sex education. For utilizing the hidden capacities of our
brain, we need to learn from vedic sutras and the fundamentals of
Dynamic Living.
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Mind Power Technique: Lifestyle for boosting Memory Power

Mind Power Technique: Lifestyle for boosting Memory Power


Following are the important tips that should be kept under consideration for enhancing memory:

  1. The most important thing is to get up early before the sun rise. Because at that time, our mind vibrates at very high frequency.

  2. We should drink enough water regularly because water excretes harmful toxins from the body.

  3. We should drink water kept in copper container after getting up in the morning as it energizes our brain.

  4. We should have any liquid like water, milk, juice etc. while sitting, not while standing.

  5. We should always prefer a balanced and vegetarian diet.

  6. We should not pour warm water directly on our head as this deactivates our neurons.

  7. We should take 4-5 leaves of Tulsi empty stomach with water except Sunday and Wednesday.

  1. We should offer water
    to rising sun. This activity enhances our mental intellect and wisdom to
    great extent and it has been proved scientifically.

  2. One should recite Sarasvatya mantra for better retention as it enhances our concentration power.

  3. We can nurture our
    brain by performing the most remarkable pranayam called Bhramri pranayam
    which produces vibrations and sound like a hymn. These vibrations reach
    to the neuron network of our brain and incessantly activate them. This
    Pranayam should be done with empty stomach for 15 to 20 minutes.

  4. We should touch our palate with our tongue while studying. It helps to have better retention.

  5. We should keep the
    memory boosting device called shri yantra at the distance of around 2
    ft. at eye level and while concentrating on the dot designed in the
    middle of the shri yantra, our attention will go at different
    geometrical figures and it will amazingly enhance your memory. The
    poster of shri yantra is available on my website

  1. Our Study position should be in north east direction with Gyan mudra for better and quick retention.

  1. We should study after regular intervals.

  2. We should program our
    subconscious mind with positive auto instructions. Just say to yourself,
    “I have great and strong memory power”.

  3. We should concentrate on our Agya chakra for invoking our hidden potential.

  4. We should take stroll while studying.

  5. We must think positive and creative.

  6. If you are right
    handed, then you should use your left hand also. It will develop
    synchronization between left and right hemisphere of brain.

  1. We should do every work with a thought. We should have a keen observation power.

  2. We should try to imagine lots of objects on our mind screen. This will strengthen our imagination power.

  3. We should do all the things with proper concentration and avoid vagrant thoughts.

  4. We should take cow milk and ghee instead of buffalo’s for making our mind active.

  1. Amount of Fat and oil should be reduced from our diet.

  2. We should follow the fundamentals of celibacy and self restraint.

  3. We should avoid the use of mobile phones. If there is any urgency, we can use it on our left ear with proper gap.

  4. We should cover our head in sunlight especially in summers as it is very harmful for our neuron cells.

  5. Smoking and drinking alcohol are the biggest hurdles in the enhancement of memory power. So, eradicate these bad habits.

  6. We must avoid tea and coffee during night.

  7. We should take proper and sound sleep as it is very important for our memory. This gives complete relaxation to our mind.

  8. We should avoid studying during night.
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Mind Power Technique: How to relax your body and mind?

Mind Power Technique: How to relax your body and mind?


relaxation of the body and mind is very pivotal in this era of stress.
The reason of every failure and disease is stress, which is
psychosomatic declared by WHO also. People are suffering stress these
days due to their poor lifestyle including their eating habits,
dressing, workout and everything. Memory loss is also the big problem of
their life. Even, they are not using technology in a effective manner.
Relaxation is very pivotal to enhance memory – to
load information and recall it when needed. There are two types of

  1. Mind relaxation

  2. Body relaxation
We can achieve awareness through relaxation.
Sometimes, when we are doing other things, we achieve a healthy state of
mind. This state is called focused relaxation. This is the most
powerful state with which we can make a number of changes in our mind
and body. We can bring down B.P, Sugar level and annihilate stress which
is a big impediment in our success. With this state, we can enhance our
memory power. This state can be achieved by doing meditation.
Dhyana Mudra (Meditation Pose)
Sit in Padmasana or
Sukhasana. Place your right palm on the left one as shown in the figure.
Touch the index fingers of each hand with their respective thumbs. The
head, neck and spine should be straight. The eyes and lips should be
closed with natural ease. Visualize the image of your tutelary deity in
your mind. Try and keep your mind free from all thoughts and
Counter thoughts.
1. The muscles of the body are strengthened.
2. Physical and mental stress is alleviated.
3. Mental peace is restored and the vacillating mind becomes concentrated.
Note: This Mudra is extremely useful to people practicing Yoga.
We can do breathing exercises in our routine life. Let us start the exercise.
Take 4 to 5 deep breath slowly, inhale for the count 1
to 8, hold on for a count of 5, or parallel recite guru mantra and then
exhale slowly to the count of 12. Repeat the process. By doing this
exercise, you will achieve completely relaxed state. Do this exercise 7
to 8 times and then slowly increase the number. This exercise leads you
to deep relaxation. Now, the most important question is how to relax
during study times. Before starting studying, one can spend few minutes
counting breath and then start studying and it gives benefit in the
following matters.

  1. When one wants to apply brain in any problem.

  2. When one wants to reduce stress.

  3. When one is amidst exams.
One should spend at least five minutes to this breath
counting in the morning. When you enter in the examination room, you
should close your eyes and breathe deeply for complete relaxation. If
you are still feeling stress at any stage, or is nervous and perplexed
because he is not finding himself able to recall the facts then, he
should breathe deeply again and go on the next question. Thus, he will
get the desired answer.
When one is preparing for an interview, he should
spend five minutes counting his breath before he leaves for interview.
Remain saying to yourself again and again that “I am cool and relaxed”.
Then, surely you will be successful in the interview.
When one is preparing for public speaking, one should
give to himself five minutes for relaxation before going on stage.
Also, he would achieve relaxation by visualizing himself as giving
speech without using notes and being calm and confident on stage. Thus,
he would be able to deliver his best on stage with great success.
Creative thinking or imagination is an essential
aspect for achieving success. One needs to practice it incessantly in
the same way as we do anything else. Imagination can be sharpened to a
great extent if one practices creative thinking. To quote a famous
writer, “Imagination lit every lamp…………. Produced every article……………
made every discovery”.
Creative imagination plays a vital role in our daily
life. Creative imagination is not an inborn trait and it can be acquired
with constant exercise.
When a child is at dormant stage, his imagination
skills are poor but as he grows up, his imaginations skills grow
dormant. In fact, some of us spend our life without reawakening these
imagination skills. If one uses his skill in a positive manner, he may
create wonders.
Our habit constitutes some essential aspects such as
motivation, curiosity and interest. A person may derive inspiration from
a very nominal thing. A painter comes with numerous ideas after taking a
stroll in an open lawn.
Now the important question arises – how to strengthen
your creativity. The first step is to stop thinking that there is
nothing new to be discovered, that every idea has been explored.
The people who are creative by nature, they always
succeed in their lives. That’s why; every company today encourages its
employees to use their creativity by using suggestion boxes because
these companies know that creative and innovative ideas can improve
their company’s prospects.
Consistent practice of yogic exercises help to
develop our physical and mental abilities, enhance our memory skills and
intelligence. Our mind undergoes complete relaxation while performing
yogic aasans.
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Mind Power Technique: Power of Anuloma-viloma (Alternate nostril) Pranayam:

Mind Power Technique: Power of Anuloma-viloma (Alternate nostril) Pranayam:

This is the simplest and best pranayam.

Method: Sit in Padmasana, Siddhasana or
Sukhasana. Exhale completely through both nostrils. Close the right
nostril and slowly take a deep breath through the left nostril. This
inhalation is called Poorak. Now, hold the breath for as long as
possible. This is known as Abhyantar Kumbhak. Then close the left
nostril and exhale slowly through the right nostril. This process is
called Rechak. After Rechak, hold the breath out for as long as
possible. This is called Bahya Kumbhak. Now, inhale through the right
nostril, hold it for some time and then exhale slowly through the left
nostril. After completely exhaling, hold your breath out for some time.
This entire process is one pranayam. The ratio of the duration of
Poorak, Abhyantar Kumbhak, Rechak and Bahya Kumbhak should be 1:4:2:2
respectively. That is, if you take ten seconds to inhale, retain the
breath for 40 seconds. Exhale over a period of 20 seconds and remain
without breath for 20 seconds. These are the ideal proportions. With
regular practice over a period of time, one can easily attain this model
One should ideally spend 20 seconds in Poorak, 80
seconds in Abhyantar Kumbhak, 40 seconds in Rechak and 40 seconds in
Bahya Kumbhak. Mental recitation of mantra done during Kumbhak is
immensely beneficial. The Pranayam, thus performed simultaneously with
jap is known as Sabeej (with seed) pranayam. Begin with 5 to 7 such
pranayams and gradually increase this number to at least ten to perform
them regularly.
Benefits: The breathing becomes regular,
rhythmic and extremely subtle with the practice of this pranayam; and
the aspirant registers rapid spiritual progress apart from making
tremendous gains on the health front. This pranayam relieves mental
tension. Pessimism is replaced by optimism. One is filled with joy,
enthusiasm and fearlessness.
Bhramari Pranayam
The word ‘bhramri’ has been taken from the voice of humming bee because in this
pranayam our voice resembles with that of a humming bee.
This pranayam should be done while sitting in either sukhasna or padmasna. Bhramri
Pranayam procedure has been divided into three parts:

  1. Poorak: take deep breath from the nose during this stage.

  2. Kumbhak: these are of two types-

  1. Internal (Abhyantar) kumbhak

  2. External (Bahya) kumbhak
stop breath after inhaling in internal kumbhak and in external kumbhak,
we stop breath after exhaling. Always do internal kumbhak after poorak
and gradually increase the duration of internal kumbhak after regular

  1. Rechka:
    Insert your middle finger in both of the ears and vibrate them. Now,
    while producing the sound of ‘Om’, exhale slowly and thus, bhramri music
    will be produced. The duration of rechak should be almost double than
    that of poorak.
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Monday, 11 May 2015

Mind power Technique: How to use the power of your emotions?

The most supreme power of the human being is the power of its emotions. There are two types of emotions, positive and negative. The negative emotions can bring the negative changes in body, mind and soul. On the other hand positive emotions can connect us with life force energy of the universe. Now this is totally in our hands to connect with supreme energy or negative energy. With the impact of negative emotions our endocrine glands starts secreting harmful chemicals and toxins. Negative emotions are responsible for feeding negative psychic impressions and unwanted memories in our subconscious mind. You must try to invoke positive emotions by recalling all happy moments of your life. This is the exercise which you have to perform day & night whenever you get the free time. The Most powerful positive emotions are feeling of gratitude, feeling of forgiveness and feeling of unconditional love. The most dangerous negative emotions are feeling of anger, guilt, hatred, fear, inferiority complex, sorrow, jealousy and lust. Please be conscious whenever you are in the state of negative emotions. The recital om 'OM' sound is very beneficial to enter in the state of positivity. Emotion is nothing but the energy. According to Einstein E=MC2 because every matter is made of energy. So emotion is the only responsible process to start materialization, energy create matter. Now a days we are habitual to invoke negative incidents only and this starts materializing more negative incidents. We are replaying them on our mental screen. These are responsible for every failure, diseases and accidents. You can also use this power to achieve everything in your life whether it is material success, wealth, relationship building etc.

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