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Mind Power Technique: Use the power of visualization & meditation

Mind Power Technique: Use the power of visualization & meditation

visualize a lot of things in our life. But we never observe keenly the
objects we see. There is a great difference between seeing and
observing. It means that we have to bolster our observation power. The
strong observation power leads to strong memory power. We can not
remember anything if we haven’t observed it. It is our eyes that see,
but, it is the brain that interprets. For strong observation power, we
should look at the things with attention. Our observation depends on
practice and exercise which is must to strengthen our observation.
Often, it is found that we are not able to recall the color of our socks
or the brand of our shirt.
discoveries are the result of strong observation and concentration
power. Now, how to enhance observation and concentration power? There
are some guidelines to enhance these powers.
Sit calmly in
padmasna or sukhasanas and try to concentrate at any one point on the
wall or on the swastika or you can do it on another powerful
concentration yantra called as Shri Yantra which is discovery of our
ancient sages and the Poster of this Yantra is available on my website
When we will focus upon the point in the mid of Shri Yantra without
blinking our eyes, then our attention will go to different geometric
figures, thus enhancing the communication between left and right
hemisphere of the brain. This experiment we can do at any time. Even if
tears come, still you can continue. When you get tired, stop for
sometime and close your eyes. Then, again start the experiment. It also
improves eyesight.
The second experiment for strengthening your observation power:-
Take a piece
of paper and by memory, make a list of objects in one of the rooms-
table, chair, bed, pictures etc without looking in the room. Now, try to
observe the things that you left in the list and again repeat the same
process for other room also.
Now, think of
any person you know. Try to draw his picture on the paper and go in the
minutest details about his dress, countenance, every nicety, hair
style, ears, eyes etc. and try to find out what you missed when you meet
him next.
Look at the
shop window which has displayed its goods. Try to observe and make a
list in your memory of all the goods that you observe. Many people had
witnessed an apple falling on the ground. However, some observed keenly
and thought about it unlike others who did see but didn’t observe. The
true act of memory is the art of attention. Often, it is found that
majority of people use only two percent of their mind power. We should
concentrate our attention on any one point without letting any other
thought enter in our mind.
This act can be accomplished by doing Yoga and meditation.
Visualization and Meditation
are gifted with many sense organs but the most pivotal sense is the
sense of visualization. It is the most fecund process. This concept of
visualization is used when we want to use the faculty of memory.
Whatever we want to achieve can be achieved very easily, if we utilize
the concept of visualization. Further, if we link visualization with
breathing exercises then we can do miracles. It is a scientific process
that can program our subconscious mind and increase our imagination
power. Another term that is used in this chapter is meditation. It is
very influential method to free our mind from stress and worries.

      1. Now, we shall throw light upon the role of visualization and auto suggestions in achieving anything.


is the way to imagine the things that you desire to possess.
Visualization is the most pivotal art in life. When you imagine the
things you want to posses then you should have a lucid picture of those
desires in your imagination and with the help of this concept of
visualization, we can achieve them. It gives shape to our dreams and
changes them into reality. If we want to successfully accomplish any
work, then we should not try to hold our thoughts but should start
working upon it.
In fact, the only secret of successful work is to leave your thoughts behind and let your soul work on that.
First, you
have to decide what you want. And after deciding what you want, start
thinking about their results in your mind. For example, if you wish to
have a home; first you should know what kind of home you wish. Of
course, if you only desire of having any home, you would not get any
home, but the clear picture of your imaginations and thoughts give you
good results. And for that clear imagination first, you have to decide
what type of home you want and what is your budget? And then start
imagining that you are in your home watching your flat screen
television. And make the whole imagination explicit, as far as possible;
enter the house, sit down and imagine that you are living there, say,
“This house is mine.” And this whole process will give you positive
energy to turn your desires into reality. Repeat this process everyday
any time you feel like doing it until the house of your imagination
turns into reality. And have this same procedure for anything you
For more
understanding, just imagine that you are with me and I’m your cousin and
we are going for a movie right now. And we are leaving the home and
locking the door. And after locking the door, after walking for about 5
min we have reached bus stand and are waiting for the bus; bus arrives
and we are in the bus and just after 15 min, we reach the movie hall.
And we are taking 2 tickets for evening show. We sit in the balcony and
enjoy our movie with popcorns and cold drinks. And in the interval, we
are waiting for the movie to start. And movie gets started just after 10
min. After the movie, we are having our dinner in a restaurant and the
food is very delicious and we are enjoying our food; after taking dinner
we start walking towards our home which is just 5 min walking distance
from restaurant and on the way to home, we are discussing about India
and Pakistan cricket match which is to take place the next day, and we
make plan for that. We can see that our imagination has no end. Now, if
you have carefully imagined each step in the above picture, you will
understand what visualization means. You can make any mental picture
with the help of the power of visualization.


Some people
imagine everything that they want and some think that it is very
difficult to demonstrate unless they possess the power to visualize.
This is not the case. When a little number of your thoughts and soul
power is mixed, then your mind can create wonders. All the great
inventors just had strong imagination power and they created wonders for
the society.
It is
necessary to understand that we are dealing with a soul power that is
just like soil of the ground, which will produce the tree in accordance
to the seed we plant. It does not matter if we have never seen a plant
before like the one that is to be planted for us. Our imagination is the
seed and mind is the soil. We are always planting and harvesting some
ideas. What we need to do is to plant only that thought which we want to
harvest. This is not difficult to understand but very easy to imagine.
Just take care that you are always dealing with law of imagination and
this is the only way that can turn anything into reality. Don’t have any
doubt over this law. Otherwise, your imagination power will not work as
smoothly as it should. Be convinced and just observe its wonders.
Now, we can take some real examples of mind meditations.
Think of a
room and you are lying on a chair with your eyes closed. And you are
trying to be relaxed. Imagine, there is a door of another room and you
are entering that room through the door. Imagine that it is a very
beautiful room having colorful curtains. Just feel peaceful, calm and
relaxed. @ remember good days of your life, the day when you were happy.
Hear the beats of music you like. All these are the ways for
imagination which help to enhance the memory. Everyone can imagine what
they want to be in their life, if someone is weak in his studies, he can
imagine that they are becoming so intelligent day by day that no one
can beat them in any case. Just by giving your 100% to your dream or
desire you can do anything in your life. Sports people can imagine
themselves as famous athletes as they strive to improve their
performance. One can even use his imagination to improve health as some
believe that disease like cancer can also be annihilated.
And when
someone is feeling nervous or feeling down due to any personal problem,
he can use soul power to calm himself, and he can remember the time when
he was completely relaxed and lying on the beach side, and enjoying the
cool atmosphere with the waves splashing on. Take a few deep breaths
and just relax.
There are some meditations which can boost your self confidence and also increase your concentration.
How can we do ?
Lie straight
on the chair with feet touching the carpet and palms resting on the
thighs. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in the
natural way. You find that breathing will slow down and deepen slowly
and slowly.
sometimes open your eyes, take a few breaths and stretch the body but do
not get up before the normal consciousness returns. This practice of
breath counting meditation has several advantages. It will enhance your
self confidence and improve concentration power.
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