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Mind Power Technique: Use Success keys

Mind Power Technique: Use Success keys

success keys 
of all, I would like to define the most important term called Success.
Success has different definitions for different people. For some,
success is money and for some, success is fame. But, money and fame are
the physical and temporal things; these are perishable. Success is the
progressive realization of worthy goals. Success is a journey, not the
destination. The worthy goal of success is self awareness, which means
to recognize oneself. In other words, we can say that success is
equivalent to 99% failure. Success does not means the absence of
failures. We have to face many difficulties and impediments in achieving
success. There is a wall of failures between an individual and success.
These failures are fear of failure, future worries, insecurity,
negative people, relationship challenges, job challenges, financial
challenges and the feeling of unworthiness. The biggest impediment in
our way to success, that we may conclude, is the fear from “nine
Now, let us describe these nine ghosts.

  1. Negative Attitude

  2. Coward ness

  3. Anger

  4. Ego

  5. Shyness

  6. Jealousy (Negative)

  7. Tendency to Criticize

  8. Fatalistic Attitude

  9. Mental Weakness
Now, the most important question arises is, how to kill these ghosts?
To kill these nine ghosts, we have nine weapons in the arsenal of our brain. These weapons are as following:

  1. Positive Attitude

  2. Courage

  3. Love

  4. Egoless ness

  5. Open Mindedness

  6. Positive Jealousy

  7. Don’t Criticize

  8. Passion

  9. Smart Brain
The foundation of success is the positive attitude.
This is the most crucial factor for success. It affects our dreams and
goals. Let us understand the importance of attitude with the help of a
There was a man who used to sell balloons. He had
balloons of all colors; Yellow, Black, Red, Blue and Green. A boy came
and asked him, “Can you uplift the Green balloon”? The seller replied
with smile, “it is not the color of the balloon; it is what is inside
that makes it go up”.
The same thing applies to our life also. It is what
is inside that count. The difference between a topper and the average
student is not much in terms of knowledge but more in terms of mental
preparation and in terms of attitude. To achieve success, you must have a
burning desire.
Now, how can we build positive attitude?
We have to annihilate all negative thoughts from our
brain. We should always think positive and creative. We should program
our subconscious mind with positive auto instructions. Negative people
always grumble and criticize but, positive people always think for the
solution of the problems. They have propensity to encourage, inspire and
motivate others. Try to look at the sunny side of every thing. You
should always try to learn from the mistakes and concentrate on the
lofty goals. Try to feed your mind with positive thoughts. You can start
your day with something positive and creative. You can read Shrimad
Bhagvad Geeta and learn from the gospels of Vedas and Shastras. You
should try to be happy at every moment; this is the greatest devotion to
God. At last, we can say that attitude plays a very important role in
our life. It is the attitude which defines your altitude.
You should focus at achieving your goals. The most
important quality of the human beings is that they can dream. Take
always positive dreams with open eyes. Try to visualize your goals with
positive auto instructions. You must have vision and action towards your
goal. If you have full dedication, devotion and burning desire, then
nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.
Some body has rightly said “if you can perceive, your mind can believe it, only then you can achieve it”.
You must know your strengths and weaknesses. You have
to convert your weakness into strengths by giving direction, shape and
proper guidelines to your dreams and belief system.
Focus on our goals is very important. We can
understand it by a short story, when Dronacharya asked Arjuna what he
could see; he replied “I can only see the eye of the bird”. Dronacharya
said, “very good, then shoot,” and the arrow went straight and hit the
eye of the bird. We can learn a lot from this small story. Until and
unless we focus on our goals, we can not achieve them. We must have
capability to see how far we are from our goals. Let us see another
beautiful example.
“On June 4, 1962, Florence was about to become the
first woman to swim the Catalina Channel. She had already conquered the
English Channel. The entire country was watching. Florence fought the
dense fog. Florence was striving to reach the shore. Every time she
looked up, all she could see was the dense fog. Unable to see through
fog, she gave up. Florence was extremely disappointed when she found out
that she was only half a km away from the shore. She quit not because
she was scared but, because she could not see her goal. She said in her
public meeting “I am not making excuses, if only I had seen the land, I
could have made it.”
And one month later, she tried again and this time in
spite of bad weather, she not only crossed the Channel but also broke
her previous record.
What we can learn from this small story is that always keep your eyes on the goal so that you know how far you are from it.
If you have the three values you can achieve success
easily. These three values are patience, perseverance and time. You can
make your dream come true if you have strong will power, strong
determination. You can cross all obstacles and impediments if you have
the value of perseverance. The stumbling blocks will become the stepping
stones of your path. I believe that a man is not measured by how tall
he stands, but how many times he stood up when life made him buckle on
the ground. Sometimes, patience, perseverance and time are the simplest
ingredients to achieve success.
There are some great personalities who faced number
of failures in their lives but in spite of all the difficulties and
impediments, they achieved success. There was a child who didn’t know
how to read and write; he had one mental disease called dyslexia due to
which he was incapable to recognize alphabets and digits. The characters
would appear dancing in front of his eyes and would irritate him much.
The teachers threatened him to expel from the school. But, the little
boy faced them with gallantry. On one day, the same boy invented a
theory and the whole world was astonished at this miracle. That theory
was the theory of relativity and that little boy was the great Scientist
Albert Einestein.
Chances are there that you will be reading this book
in your room under the electric bulb. Well, you can thank Thomas Edison
for that. Do you know that Edison failed over 1000 times before
inventing the light bulb? In my opinion, Thomas Edison’s efforts would
come under the term “perseverance”. After Edison had invented and
produced the electric bulb, a reporter asked him how he felt to fail
over 999 times.
Edison replied, “I am glad I invented 999 ways for
not inventing the electric bulb”. After this point, Edison went on to
receive 1093 patents, more than any other person in U.S history.
Now, we can learn this success formula; it takes time, patience and persistence is the key to success.
Another great man and artist Picasso could not
understand the number 7 in mathematics. He would say that the number
seven is the opposite nose of his uncle. But today his paintings are
inspiration for any artist.
Your personality must be full of courage like Guru
Gobind Singh, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ram Tirth and our history is full
of such respectable names.
You can destroy your biggest enemy called anger with
the strongest weapon called love. But, positive anger is also required
some times. We should be egoless and open minded in our life, we should
get spiritual inspiration from great Saints. Jealousy is one of the
horrible ghosts in our life which can push us back from the path of
success. People spend most of their life in thinking how to pull the
legs of others; they are least concerned about their own upliftment.
Passion is one of the great qualities of your personality which can make
you achieve success. People fail not just because of lack of mental
potential, knowledge and strength but they fail due to lack of passion,
dedication, devotion and burning desire.
Today, in this competitive era, there is great need
of smart brain to get ahead of others. Due to lack of self restraint and
celibacy, we are destroying our personality, moral values, self
potential and the memory power. We must concentrate on self restrain
instead of sex education. For utilizing the hidden capacities of our
brain, we need to learn from vedic sutras and the fundamentals of
Dynamic Living.
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