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Mind Power Technique: Lifestyle for boosting Memory Power

Mind Power Technique: Lifestyle for boosting Memory Power


Following are the important tips that should be kept under consideration for enhancing memory:

  1. The most important thing is to get up early before the sun rise. Because at that time, our mind vibrates at very high frequency.

  2. We should drink enough water regularly because water excretes harmful toxins from the body.

  3. We should drink water kept in copper container after getting up in the morning as it energizes our brain.

  4. We should have any liquid like water, milk, juice etc. while sitting, not while standing.

  5. We should always prefer a balanced and vegetarian diet.

  6. We should not pour warm water directly on our head as this deactivates our neurons.

  7. We should take 4-5 leaves of Tulsi empty stomach with water except Sunday and Wednesday.

  1. We should offer water
    to rising sun. This activity enhances our mental intellect and wisdom to
    great extent and it has been proved scientifically.

  2. One should recite Sarasvatya mantra for better retention as it enhances our concentration power.

  3. We can nurture our
    brain by performing the most remarkable pranayam called Bhramri pranayam
    which produces vibrations and sound like a hymn. These vibrations reach
    to the neuron network of our brain and incessantly activate them. This
    Pranayam should be done with empty stomach for 15 to 20 minutes.

  4. We should touch our palate with our tongue while studying. It helps to have better retention.

  5. We should keep the
    memory boosting device called shri yantra at the distance of around 2
    ft. at eye level and while concentrating on the dot designed in the
    middle of the shri yantra, our attention will go at different
    geometrical figures and it will amazingly enhance your memory. The
    poster of shri yantra is available on my website

  1. Our Study position should be in north east direction with Gyan mudra for better and quick retention.

  1. We should study after regular intervals.

  2. We should program our
    subconscious mind with positive auto instructions. Just say to yourself,
    “I have great and strong memory power”.

  3. We should concentrate on our Agya chakra for invoking our hidden potential.

  4. We should take stroll while studying.

  5. We must think positive and creative.

  6. If you are right
    handed, then you should use your left hand also. It will develop
    synchronization between left and right hemisphere of brain.

  1. We should do every work with a thought. We should have a keen observation power.

  2. We should try to imagine lots of objects on our mind screen. This will strengthen our imagination power.

  3. We should do all the things with proper concentration and avoid vagrant thoughts.

  4. We should take cow milk and ghee instead of buffalo’s for making our mind active.

  1. Amount of Fat and oil should be reduced from our diet.

  2. We should follow the fundamentals of celibacy and self restraint.

  3. We should avoid the use of mobile phones. If there is any urgency, we can use it on our left ear with proper gap.

  4. We should cover our head in sunlight especially in summers as it is very harmful for our neuron cells.

  5. Smoking and drinking alcohol are the biggest hurdles in the enhancement of memory power. So, eradicate these bad habits.

  6. We must avoid tea and coffee during night.

  7. We should take proper and sound sleep as it is very important for our memory. This gives complete relaxation to our mind.

  8. We should avoid studying during night.
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