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Mind Power Technique: How to relax your body and mind?

Mind Power Technique: How to relax your body and mind?


relaxation of the body and mind is very pivotal in this era of stress.
The reason of every failure and disease is stress, which is
psychosomatic declared by WHO also. People are suffering stress these
days due to their poor lifestyle including their eating habits,
dressing, workout and everything. Memory loss is also the big problem of
their life. Even, they are not using technology in a effective manner.
Relaxation is very pivotal to enhance memory – to
load information and recall it when needed. There are two types of

  1. Mind relaxation

  2. Body relaxation
We can achieve awareness through relaxation.
Sometimes, when we are doing other things, we achieve a healthy state of
mind. This state is called focused relaxation. This is the most
powerful state with which we can make a number of changes in our mind
and body. We can bring down B.P, Sugar level and annihilate stress which
is a big impediment in our success. With this state, we can enhance our
memory power. This state can be achieved by doing meditation.
Dhyana Mudra (Meditation Pose)
Sit in Padmasana or
Sukhasana. Place your right palm on the left one as shown in the figure.
Touch the index fingers of each hand with their respective thumbs. The
head, neck and spine should be straight. The eyes and lips should be
closed with natural ease. Visualize the image of your tutelary deity in
your mind. Try and keep your mind free from all thoughts and
Counter thoughts.
1. The muscles of the body are strengthened.
2. Physical and mental stress is alleviated.
3. Mental peace is restored and the vacillating mind becomes concentrated.
Note: This Mudra is extremely useful to people practicing Yoga.
We can do breathing exercises in our routine life. Let us start the exercise.
Take 4 to 5 deep breath slowly, inhale for the count 1
to 8, hold on for a count of 5, or parallel recite guru mantra and then
exhale slowly to the count of 12. Repeat the process. By doing this
exercise, you will achieve completely relaxed state. Do this exercise 7
to 8 times and then slowly increase the number. This exercise leads you
to deep relaxation. Now, the most important question is how to relax
during study times. Before starting studying, one can spend few minutes
counting breath and then start studying and it gives benefit in the
following matters.

  1. When one wants to apply brain in any problem.

  2. When one wants to reduce stress.

  3. When one is amidst exams.
One should spend at least five minutes to this breath
counting in the morning. When you enter in the examination room, you
should close your eyes and breathe deeply for complete relaxation. If
you are still feeling stress at any stage, or is nervous and perplexed
because he is not finding himself able to recall the facts then, he
should breathe deeply again and go on the next question. Thus, he will
get the desired answer.
When one is preparing for an interview, he should
spend five minutes counting his breath before he leaves for interview.
Remain saying to yourself again and again that “I am cool and relaxed”.
Then, surely you will be successful in the interview.
When one is preparing for public speaking, one should
give to himself five minutes for relaxation before going on stage.
Also, he would achieve relaxation by visualizing himself as giving
speech without using notes and being calm and confident on stage. Thus,
he would be able to deliver his best on stage with great success.
Creative thinking or imagination is an essential
aspect for achieving success. One needs to practice it incessantly in
the same way as we do anything else. Imagination can be sharpened to a
great extent if one practices creative thinking. To quote a famous
writer, “Imagination lit every lamp…………. Produced every article……………
made every discovery”.
Creative imagination plays a vital role in our daily
life. Creative imagination is not an inborn trait and it can be acquired
with constant exercise.
When a child is at dormant stage, his imagination
skills are poor but as he grows up, his imaginations skills grow
dormant. In fact, some of us spend our life without reawakening these
imagination skills. If one uses his skill in a positive manner, he may
create wonders.
Our habit constitutes some essential aspects such as
motivation, curiosity and interest. A person may derive inspiration from
a very nominal thing. A painter comes with numerous ideas after taking a
stroll in an open lawn.
Now the important question arises – how to strengthen
your creativity. The first step is to stop thinking that there is
nothing new to be discovered, that every idea has been explored.
The people who are creative by nature, they always
succeed in their lives. That’s why; every company today encourages its
employees to use their creativity by using suggestion boxes because
these companies know that creative and innovative ideas can improve
their company’s prospects.
Consistent practice of yogic exercises help to
develop our physical and mental abilities, enhance our memory skills and
intelligence. Our mind undergoes complete relaxation while performing
yogic aasans.
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