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Download Sample E-Book of Vocabulary with Mnemonics

Download Sample of this E-book

From Editor desk
Enough has been written about the utility of vocabulary in our routine life or for competitive exams but still vocabulary is an area which scares people the most. Students generally have a sort of phobia from English vocabulary. For them, Words sometimes become mere symbols written on the black board. But here, we would invite you to the world where words play with you, come alive and stop being mere symbols written on the black board and lead you to the virtual tour of intellectual journey where word power building fascinates you, thrills you and become very simple and easy to deal with. Our mind operates very fast and has a variety of operational properties and we have tried our level best to make the reader to use his hidden potential.

This E-Book contains mnemonics (memory aid) to memorize vocabulary especially for aspirants of competitive exams. This is the E-Book designed by Virender Mehta due to receiving numerous request mails to develop mnemonic list for Barrons Dictionary for competitive exams, he is sharing this important E-Book with the readers. The Words described in this E-Book are extremely beneficial for the aspirants of all competitive exams. The reader for sure would enter into the world of enchantment for word power with our author Virender Mehta.

Some of the significant features of this E-book in the field of vocabulary building are as following:

  • These mnemonics sharps the memory and increase the mental agility.
  • These vocab mnemonics enhance the precision of our word power and imagination skills.
  • Our short term and long term memory both are activated by these mnemonics.
  • This method boost our self confidence.
  • We can enhance our narrative capabilities by memorizing these words.
  • This Vocab building technique offer a very different approach to English language, that is both powerful and fun.
  • If you practice these vocab mnemonics regularly, then you can save your time and energy during competitive exams where time management is the success mantra.
  • This E-Book create a very powerful word bank of Barrons word which is very helpful for news paper reading, watching electronic news, Books and Literature reading etc.
  • Every effort has been put to encourage mental activity.

Mnemonic method to memorize vocabulary (A MUST READ)
Mnemonic is a powerful memory aid to memorize any information with some link words. And vocabulary is a set of abstract words. All the words are non tangible in nature. As we know that our brain is not capable to memorize abstract information. We need to convert the abstract language into brain language. This can easily be done with the help of encoding method and then, we can link the meaning of the word with the encoded word of given word. This process is basically concerned with the photographic memory. We are supposed to bring clarity in our visualization system. We require a great expertise to master this methodology. The link word of the given word is also called Key word. Following are some of the rules for making these key words:
Select one word to represent a longer thought or several subordinate thoughts.
  1. Generate your own keywords.
  2. Construct a mental image of the keyword & the word to learn.
  3. Keyword and word should be linked with the mental image.
  4. Keywords should be visualizable.
  5. Keywords should be interactive.

Let us take an example of the word persuade that means to convince or to influence.
Now, we can easily encode the word persuade into purse (mnemonic) with the help of encoding method.
Now, we can imagine that a woman is being persuaded to buy a purse. Please practice this imagination exercise vividly.
With the same method, we can memorize all words of English Language.

Format of Word with meaning, mnemonic and usage in this E-Book
In this E-book, word is written with normal font, meaning with italics font, mnemonic is given in brackets (….....) and the usage of word with mnemonic is given with red color.
Scurry to run with quick short steps (hurry, curry)
You scurry in hurry for curry.

Laborious (Labor)
taking a lot of time and effort
A Labor is lifting lots of bories (in hindi). So, he is a laborious person.

Assiduous (ass)
Very hard working and taking great care that everything is done
This Ass is very assiduous.

Sagacious (saga)
showing good judgment and understanding
Your grandmother is narrating the saga of sagacious man. 

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