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Mind Power Technique: Use the power of self Hypnosis

Mind Power Technique: Use the power of self Hypnosis

self hypnosis 
aim of our life is to acquire all round progress. There is a therapy
which can help us in a great manner. This is called self hypnosis
therapy and it acts as a wonderful instrument to improve our life. By
using this therapy, we can get access to our subconscious mind and learn
to change our old thinking pattern into new one and at the same time,
we can enhance our memory.
we know that
our mind is a super computer and it generally works at two levels:
Conscious and Subconscious level. Our mind is like ‘Aladdin Ka Chiraag’
and the Jinn of this Chiraag is our Subconscious mind. What we can
perceive and believe, we can achieve. This can be made possible with the
help of self hypnosis process. First of all, the question arises; what
is self hypnosis? Most of the people take the meaning of hypnosis in a
negative manner. The hypnosis can be both positive and negative. Self
Hypnosis is nothing but a self positive instruction that we give to our
Subconscious mind. This is also called neural linguistic programming.
The instruction we send to CPU goes for execution. Similarly, our
Subconscious mind performs actions according to the instructions given
to it. These instructions must be positive. Auto suggestion can be like
this ‘I have strong Memory power’. This is the instruction that goes to
Subconscious Mind. Now, I have to believe that I have strong Memory
power. Our belief system will accept this instruction and act over it.
This is
nothing but the programming of our Subconscious mind. This therapy can
tremendously help us to face difficult situations. It should be
practiced every day at the time of breathing exercises. Life is full of
problems and miseries. We fail many times when we see impediments in our
way. To deal with these impediments, this therapy can prove extremely
helpful. This art is capable to enhance our abilities and strengths and
at the same time; remove fears, complexes and limitations.
This skill is
helpful in removing the unnecessary tension of exams and interviews as
it gives us self esteem and positive motivation by effacing stress and
anxiety. Even, we can annihilate our physical problems. It makes our
mind more creative. Self hypnosis works with all of us. For example, we
feel urge to yawn when we see someone yawning.
Therefore, it is truly said “what we can believe, we can achieve.”
Now, we shall
learn how to use this technique. First, we have to set our goal. For
achieving that specific goal, we have to write some positive auto
instructions. Say for example, this is an instruction, ‘I want to be
millionaire’. Auto instructions for this goal can be ‘I am becoming a
rich man day by day, ‘I am getting millions of rupees’. We don’t have
just to repeat these instructions, but we have to feel these
instructions. At the time of reciting these positive auto instructions,
we have to be in relaxed breathing process and must have positive mental
attitude also. The most important thing is 100% belief in the
instructions. We must try to eliminate our negative old beliefs with the
help of powerful positive instructions. Because all these negative
beliefs like ‘My Memory is weak, what can I do?’ can affect our self
image and memory power. For example, in our childhood our mother used to
say many a times ‘have milk or lion would come’. By reciting these
lines, we became conditioned with these negative old beliefs and the
impression of fear resided in our mind for a long time. Here is way to
plant new suggestions, which will eliminate our old beliefs.
We can follow a number of steps given below:

  1. Enter any
    pious place and imagine a white screen in front of you. Try to imagine
    your old instructions printed on the white screen.

  2. Now, in a relaxed state try to efface these old instructions from the white screen.

  3. After
    effacing complete screen, now we can write new positive instructions
    like ‘I am in a fearless state, I am becoming a successful man day by
    day, I am going to be popular in my country, I am earning millions day
    by day, I have a strong memory power’.

  4. Next, we have
    to visualize these instructions. For example, the instruction is ‘I am
    becoming grandiloquent speaker’, and then we are to visualize our self
    speaking in public with 100% confidence.
instruction we give to our subconscious mind, it automatically accepts
it. But, we are capable to plant new memories and transform our self
into a complete new person who is full of self confidence, energy and
wonderful memory. Our old beliefs and negative suggestions are the
biggest impediments in our life. There are ways to find out whether
these negative instructions exist or not. Even, we have methods to
eliminate these negative suggestions.
Here are the ways to find out:

  1. If one feels tense in a situation where we have to take decisions or writing a proposal.

  2. If one suspects that some negative energy is holding him back.

  3. Negative thoughts come at the time of study and memorizing.
If above
factors come into picture then we have to eliminate these negative
suggestions from mind by self hypnosis exercises. To change the
personality and the behavior, we have to change our old belief system.
These positive auto instructions are the keys to Success. They should
always be made in the present tense only. By self talk, we can change
our mental and emotional thinking.
Here are few ways to change negative feelings.

  1. Recall the most salubrious day of your life and try to bring the same joyful feelings of that particular day.

  2. You can go
    for the deep breathing exercises; take a deep breath, hold it for some
    time and slowly exhale it. At the same time you can go for the self
These actions
can change our mental state. These exercises require regular practice.
The more the practice, the more it becomes easier, In fact, the stage
comes when it comes automatically. As the part of practice, we can write
these instructions on a paper or can store on a tape. We can play the
tape during self hypnosis exercises. Some times, our left brain refuses
these auto instructions, as it also argues, how I can be rich by
reciting these statements, then, block the right nostril and take a deep
breath through left nostril. This process will activate our right brain
and all mental disturbances will be pacified.
As the saying
goes that if you repeat a lie often, it becomes truth. In the same way,
go on repeating auto instructions and the stage will come when our
behavior will be controlled by subconscious mind. Finally, you will get
the desired personality.
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