Monday, 11 May 2015

Mind power Technique: How to use the power of your emotions?

The most supreme power of the human being is the power of its emotions. There are two types of emotions, positive and negative. The negative emotions can bring the negative changes in body, mind and soul. On the other hand positive emotions can connect us with life force energy of the universe. Now this is totally in our hands to connect with supreme energy or negative energy. With the impact of negative emotions our endocrine glands starts secreting harmful chemicals and toxins. Negative emotions are responsible for feeding negative psychic impressions and unwanted memories in our subconscious mind. You must try to invoke positive emotions by recalling all happy moments of your life. This is the exercise which you have to perform day & night whenever you get the free time. The Most powerful positive emotions are feeling of gratitude, feeling of forgiveness and feeling of unconditional love. The most dangerous negative emotions are feeling of anger, guilt, hatred, fear, inferiority complex, sorrow, jealousy and lust. Please be conscious whenever you are in the state of negative emotions. The recital om 'OM' sound is very beneficial to enter in the state of positivity. Emotion is nothing but the energy. According to Einstein E=MC2 because every matter is made of energy. So emotion is the only responsible process to start materialization, energy create matter. Now a days we are habitual to invoke negative incidents only and this starts materializing more negative incidents. We are replaying them on our mental screen. These are responsible for every failure, diseases and accidents. You can also use this power to achieve everything in your life whether it is material success, wealth, relationship building etc.

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