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Yogic pran kriya is such a wonderful breathing technique that focuses on physical, mental, emotional and social integrity of ones personality. Memory bears a close relation with this yogic pran kriya. Today in this highly competitive world, where we are constantly living under one or other stress. We badly require to distress our stress, to release all the tensions, conflicts. And this is the best and powerful method according to Mr. Virender Mehta, to bring our inner world and outer expression of life together in one whole.
Stress has stressed almost every individual living on this planet. As nature has its own patterns of existence, it constitutes a vicious circle of timings, seasons, in the same manner; our body has vicious biological patterns. If there is harmony among these intricate patterns, then we will be happy from inside. But if stress creates imbalance in these designs, then we become unhappy and discontentment takes us in its clutches.
Now, what does Yogic pran kriya stands for? It is a purifying practice of breathing that energizes each of our cell, ensures free flow of oxygen to every part of our body. We become charged with love, enthusiasm for life and begin to feel a fresh vibration in our life. Our every moment gets filled with a sense of joy and happiness. thus, we start perceiving our relation in a positive manner.
Yogic pran kriya is a rhythmic breathing pattern
This unique, continuously flowing breathing process creates a sync hronization between the body, emotions and thus, our physical and mental fraternity starts dancing in joy with Nature itself. we become one with Nature. Our mental and behavioral patterns undergo a significant change and this we do by changing our breathing pattern. we get an outlet to remove our negative emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, tension etc. today, the medical fraternity are greatly surprised by the benefits of Yogic pran kriya. They have concluded that regular practice of  Yogic pran kriya invokes positive emotions,replacing negatve ones and curing ailments and cholesterol etc.all your negative psychic karmas get burnt with this process.
this yogic breathing program finds its roots in the preaching of our ancient sages and virender Mehta has transformed there preachings into modern day techniques. He believes that breathing in a particular fashion can induce a corresponding emotion. So, we can produce a desired emotion by using specific breathing technique. Here, we learn how to use the breath to change the way we feel and eliminating all the negative emotions and qualities and thus, attaining the stage of supreme bliss.
And it is a fact known by all that emotional well being is directly proportional to more productive and successful life. Success comes running towards you to embrace you.people from all walks of life get benefitted from this process. It cleanses your body and circulates a new life in you.
Regular practice of Yogic pran kriya gives miraculous results. It not only transforms you at physical level or outer level but your mental level also gets relaxed and when your stress is reduced then your creativity gets enhanced. You enjoy better sleep and your brain starts functioning in a better way.
As explained before, your personal and work relationship become cordial and it increases your awareness, patience and cultivates confidence and self esteem. And the utmost thing is your spiritual growth for which we have come on this earth. You can enhance your meditation practices and experience a deep inner peace of mind.
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